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  • What is Argon?

    We run validator nodes for the Helium Network as a service. We don’t run nodes for other blockchains and we don’t run validator pools. We do one thing and we do it with excellence.

  • What is a validator?

    A validator is a block producer on the Helium Network. Block producers, or the “Consensus Group”, earn consensus group rewards which are 6% of emissions. That’s 150,000 HNT per month!

  • How do I become one?

    If you have 10k HNT, you can stake a validator and be eligible for consensus. Argon runs the validator node for you, so no technical expertise is needed. You stake and earn directly from your wallet without counter-party risk. Your keys, your stake. Earnings also go directly to your own wallet.

  • What’s the downside?

    Unstaking a validator to recover your 10k HNT is subject to a 250,000 block cool-down (roughly 5 months). After 250k blocks, the 10k HNT is released by the blockchain and is available in your wallet again. If you’re in it for the long-run though, it’s a great way to not only support the network with a node but to also earn passive income.

  • What skills do I need?

    With Argon, all you need to do is use an Argon-assigned validator address when submitting your stake transaction. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to stake from either the Helium Wallet CLI or the Helium Ledger App; there is currently no support to stake directly from the Helium Mobile App. If this becomes available we’ll add instructions for it as well.

    After that, leave the rest to us! Our dashboard provides summaries on earnings and monthly invoices for our services.

  • How much does Argon cost?

    Argon does a 3% reward-share (6% starting June in response to recent crypto shifts), paid at the end of the month.

    As an example, you create a new validator. Over the course of that month you earn 50 HNT. At the start of the next month we invoice you for the 1.5 HNT (3% of 50 HNT).

  • What will my returns be?

    Expected returns depend on how many other validators there are. With 3600 validators, that corresponds to an estimated APY of 5.0% or 41.67 HNT per month. Argon has however recorded a significant edge for every month since launch.

    Number of Validators

  • How do I stake?

    We're live so just signup, reserve a validator node, and then follow the step-by-step validator staking instructions. Then you're all good and we'll take it from there! Feel free to message us if you want a hand.

  • Can I do partial stake?

    Argon does not support pooling or partial stakes at this time. We are laser-focused on providing a top-tier validators-as-a-service experience and will consider moving into other products later.

  • What if I change my mind?

    This is another advantage of choosing Argon. If for whichever reason you want to run your own node or use another service, you aren't tied to us and can always transfer your stake to a different validator address. The transfer stake transaction is not subject to a cool-down.

  • Can I reach out for more questions?

    Yes! You can reach us at We look forward to your input.